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DSyS brings together scientists from more than thirty different TU Delft chairs. This enables DSyS to provide high-quality research capacity to national and international consortia and networks on a wide range of topics, such as safe transport, robots, remote sensing, drones and aerial surveillance, shipping and aviation safety, storage and logistics, forensics, terrorist threat to critical infrastructures and the design of safe cities.


Safety and security science is about the scientific analysis of undesired events, disasters and accidents (both intentional and unintentional). Safety relates to unintentional threats, caused by natural disasters, and unintentional human behaviour such as technical failures, and human error. Special emphasis within DSyS lies on these domains: Occupational safety, Structural design & safety, Safety & natural hazards, Methods & techniques. Security relates to intentional threats caused by intentional human behaviour, such as crime, fraud and terrorism. These domains receive special attention within DSyS: Cybersecurity, Physical security, Crisis management.


Information source and living lab
DSyS wants to act as an information source in the field of safety and security. DSyS carries out research and develops methods and techniques aimed at quantifying safety issues and optimising general and design solutions. One such example is the development of so-called ‘living labs’, in which a polder or city centre are replicated or simulated on a small scale. Companies and government organisations can join in and see whether the proposed solutions can work for them. DSyS is also looking for test sites in the ‘real world’ where theory and practice can be combined. 

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