Recap Kick-off 'Future Jobs and Talent Pool in Safety & Security'

20 Jun 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

On the 19th of June, HSD Office organised the kick-off ‘Future Jobs and Talent Pool in Safety & Security’ with training and education partners to explore the possible actions to take to attract, educate, (re)train and employ future talent. The idea, background and goal of a ‘wasstraat’ or assembly line for safety & security talent was explained, new research findings of current recruitment realities were shared and the possibilities for common collaborative action to answer pressing issues surrounding talent were discussed.


The attendees all agreed on the necessity to undertake action to help solve bottlenecks like these in the talent and human capital domains. Among the actions discussed, the activities of creating transparency in the overload of function profiles and providing insight in continuous learning lines were deemed particularly useful. In addition, the setup of the ‘Safety & Security Wasstraat’ will be geared towards pragmatic solutions combined with an overarching vision and will be market driven.


Mid-July partners will discuss which actions are required and how to best execute them, the distribution of roles in the execution, milestones to be reached and how to combine existing offers and pragmatic new solutions.  


This activity is part of the HSD Human Capital Program and is initiated because there is a growing need for talent in the innovative safety & security domain. Where traditional security functions show decreasing numbers, new security functions arise to counter emerging threats like cybercrime. Preliminary research findings, presented during the session, show that employers find it hard to articulate what they are looking for in this partially unchartered land and what they do ask for is scarcely available. This is one of the topics the Safety & Security Wasstraat addresses in order to find fitting solutions with all partners involved.


If you are interested to contribute to this activity, please reach out to us by sending an e-mail to

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