Dutch National Police and TU Delft Sign Collaboration Agreement

30 Sep 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch National Police and TU Delft signed a cooperation agreement on 29 September 2023. This agreement falls under the TU Delft Safety and Security Institute and the Strategy and Innovation Directorate of the Police Staff Management. This is a new step towards further and easier collaboration on innovation and new technology and the safety of our society.


The Dutch National Police and TU Delft have already been successfully working together on several projects related to safety and security such as smarter detection, cyber security, robotics and forensic research. As the police increases its use of technology in its activities, it becomes increasingly evident that more knowledge is needed in order to use it responsibly. This is why the Police needs to collaborate with knowledge institutions. TU Delft is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. It is also a leading education and innovation institution. On Friday 29 September 2023, TU Delft and The Dutch National Police confirmed their collaboration with a signed agreement. Together, they will be collaborating further on innovation and new technology.


Professor Aukje Hassoldt, dean of the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management and Henk Geveke, member of the Dutch police force (Technology & Innovation), signed the agreement on behalf of both organisations.


Aukje Hassoldt: “Our two organisations both benefit from more cooperation. We share knowledge and increase understanding of each other's issues and how to approach them. This benefits the safety of our society.”


Henk Geveke: "I hope and expect that our cooperation will contribute to a stronger foundation for the technological development of police work, so that we can face the challenges of our time with confidence." 

 Source: TU Delft


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