5 Years HSD: Working Together on Security Innovations

04 Jul 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

This month is the five year anniversary of The Hague Security Delta Foundation. To mark this moment, HSD Office organised the symposium ‘Working Together on Security Innovations’ at the HSD Campus on 5 July. During this symposium, we reflected on 5 years HSD and presented an HSD lustrum magazine.


The symposium included keynotes on the learnings of establishing clusters, innovation in the Netherlands and innovation in the field of security. In addition, a panel discussion about experiences and developments in the security domain took place. By referring to concrete innovation programmes, such as the RTI-labSatellite Applications for Security & JusticeInternational Zone and P@CT, the panelists spoke about the learnings, results, need for triple helix cooperation and the role of HSD. The panelists were Lodewijk van Zwieten (Dutch Public Prosecution Service), Wilma Verhoeks (ROC Mondriaan), Petra van Schayik (Compumatica), Bertwin Lussenburg (Ministry of Justice and Security) and Mark Wiebes (Dutch National Police).


Lustrum magazine

During the symposium the lustrum magazine ‘5 years HSD’ was released by Wim Kuijken, chairman of the HSD Board. The magazine shows the motive of establishing a Dutch security cluster and the need to stimulate cooperation, from retrospective of the involved founding fathers. It also gives insights in the development of HSD Foundation from start-up organisation to a mature organisation, the role of HSD Office, the challenges and results. Through the eyes of our partners you get to know what role HSD plays in contributing to their successes. Read the magazine here


Renewed HSD website

To give a better overview of what the Dutch security cluster HSD is, what role HSD Office plays and how we provide access to market, knowledge, innovation, talent and capital, the HSD website has been renewed and launched this week.

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