Prepare Yourself for the Crisis of Tomorrow: AI and Blockchain

01 Dec 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

How do you prepare yourself for the crisis of tomorrow or in the future, and not for the crisis of yesterday? This question was the basis for the HSD Café of November. During the café, two notes were presented within the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. 


The world is changing rapidly. The existence of a ‘ technical tsunami’ is widely recognised. In spite of this, we are often raided by rapidly emerging technologies which, besides new opportunities, also entail new threats that sometimes go far beyond what we could expect from our past experiences. This should, and can ,be better. No one is able to predict the exact nature and timing of those big changes, and its new risks, but good analyses enables us to explore the range of possibilities and actively prepare ourselves for what is to come. 


These notes are intended to act as outlines for the concrete cases - the rapid progress of AI and in blockchain - and how scenario-driven risk analysis enables us to (1) map out opportunities that new technology offers to (2) characterise new and shifting risks and threats that arise in order to (3) explore possible solutions to combat these risks and threats. Hereby it is important to understand the importance that these new risks and threats arise within a dynamic and systematical context. New patterns of cross-linking and fragmentation of cooperation and conflict of winners and losers arise on a Mondial scale (geopolitical order) deep within our society and all levels within (for example in the role of Europe versus member states).  There are (more) complex connections because internal and external security flow into each other. In the security ecosystem, more different players are important. Which creates new risks and threats that are impossible to grasp and understand from an existing perspective because they reflect the organization’s past. 


HSD Café

The input for the HSD Café of November were the two notes on AI and Blockchain. During the HSD Café, a hands-on scenario practice was organised within the areas of AI and Blockchain. During the event, two methodologies of risk-analysis were applied to chances and threats of AI and Blockchain. Experts of TU Delft, HCSS and TNO explained risk analysis in uncertainty and the opportunities and risks that surround AI and Blockchain. This way, HSD Office wants to inform HSD partners and other interested parties about the possible security implications of the rapid developments in, e.g. AI and Blockchain, and then jointly determine which innovative security solutions are needed in scenario-driven and risk analysis. The notes and associated process also provide a basis for the agenda, future development, role and positioning of HSD.


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Notitie Risico-Analyse in Onzekerheid: Artificial Intelligence

Notitie Risico-Analyse in Onzekerheid: Blockchain


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