Cybersecurity and -Resilience for South Holland

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Provincie Zuid-Holland, Gemeente Den Haag, Economic Board Zuid-Holland, InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD)
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Digitisation is an important issue for the economy and offers many opportunities. However, the frequency of cybersecurity incidents is on the rise daily, prompting an increased awareness of the need for companies to safeguard against such threats. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), essential contributors to our economy, are the most vulnerable to these digital threats.


Cyber resilience has now become a fundamental element of the digital economy. Achieving a strong connection within the cyber ecosystem and broader digitalisation development is imperative. To capitalize on opportunities and address risks effectively, collaboration is essential — bringing together companies, governments, knowledge institutions, and civil society organizations. In the South Holland region, enhanced interconnectivity and collaborative efforts within the triple helix could unlock significant opportunities.


The central focus of this programme lies in building bridges between existing and new initiatives to foster synergy. The programme targets South Holland's key economic sectors and contributes to:

  • Increasing cyber awareness among boards and employees through knowledge transfer;
  • Increasing cyber resilience in SMEs and sectoral chains and, to that end, implementing cyber security applications within IT and OT management;
  • Establishing sectoral cyber resilience centres and providing actionable perspectives for SMEs and all players in sectoral chains;
  • Strengthening knowledge position, innovations and education programmes.



In the South Holland region, there is a notable and growing focus on cyber resilience, with numerous awareness initiatives already operational. Within this programme, companies, governments, knowledge institutions, and civil society organizations collaborate to enhance digital resilience. These efforts include:

  • Cyber conferences organised by PVO (Platform Veilig Ondernemen) in cooperation with municipalities and cluster organisations
  • FERM, cyber resilience initiative for the Port of Rotterdam
  • Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport for the horticultural sector
  • CyberKracht, a cyber awareness initiative of Security Delta (HSD)
  • Breed MKB meetings organised on behalf of the municipality of The Hague
  • Digitalzh, the European Digital Innovation Hub of Zuid-Holland
  • Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland (to be launched in Q2)     Regionale_samenwerking_Zuid-Holland.jpeg

We connect these initiatives and increase their visibility through the communication channels of the involved parties.


Should you have an interesting initiative and want to leverage our channels to enhance its visibility, then please reach out to our Programme coordinator  Cybersecurity & Resilience Anne Visser,






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Anne Visser
Anne Visser
Programmamanager Cybersecurity- en Weerbaarheid