Security Education Programmes offered Amidst Growing Demand for Talent

20 Jan 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

Are you about to finish your cybersecurity study? Or do you work as a cybersecurity professional and looking to enhance your knowledge? Perhaps considering a career switch towards cybersecurity? Partners of Security Delta (HSD) offer a variety of education- and training programmes to develop talent for security and bridge the gap between demand and supply in the cybersecurity labour market.


Cybersecurity developing at lightning speed

The digitisation of the Netherlands is developing at lighting speed. This process accelerated even more since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when organisations switched to working digitally. As a consequence, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown even further. However, suitable talent is not easy to find and shortages of cybersecurity professionals are an existing problem for many years. Educators and trainers in the Dutch security cluster developed and updated programmes to attract new talents and invest in the capabilities of the existing workforce. We highlight some of our partners’ recently updated and new programmes here.


For students: Scholarship and PhD Programme

Are you graduating this year, and are you already thinking about starting your career in IT? ‘Seeds for the Future’ is a scholarship programme of Huawei Netherlands. The scholarship consists of €5.000,- support which allows you to completely focus on finishing your studies and launching your career. This scholarship also offers network possibilities and could lead to your first job as security specialist at Huawei Netherlands.

Are you interested in doing a PhD in cybersecurity? Leiden, Delft and Erasmus Universities are collaborating with several private organisations and the Ministry of Infrastructure. The purpose is to gain broad understanding of the governance, risks and costs of cybersecurity, and to find multidisciplinary solutions.


For professionals: Risk Management and Security Operations

Are you a cybersecurity professional looking to enhance your knowledge and improve your organisation’s cybersecurity? The Hague Graduate School adds to its education offer two new modules related to risk management: Cyber Security Risks and IT Risk Management.

The modules can be adapted to your professional situation, so that your employer benefits immediately from your new insights and skills.  Want to acquire the highly demanded CISSP or CISM certification? Take the CISSP® Preparation Course, CISSP Certification course, CISM® Preparation Course or the CISM Certification.

Are you a security specialist and looking to expand your knowledge regarding security operations? The Security Academy offers various short programmes related to Security Operations, allowing you to obtain knowledge about processes, data flows and possibilities of a Security Operations Center (SOC). Including trainings for Associate SOC Analyst and SOC Threat Analysts.


Considering a career switch?

Are you interested to work in cybersecurity but do you have a different educational background? There are several opportunities to make a career switch to cybersecurity. Cybersecuritywerkt offers a test to assess your interests and current background, and shows opportunities to switch to cybersecurity. Furthermore, the website offers vacancies, information about cybersecurity and its fields of work.


For the latest updates and an overview of more education and training programmes, possible career paths and current vacancies, please visit Security Talent.


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