U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Visits HSD Campus

03 May 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Today, Peter Hoekstra, U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, was welcomed at the HSD Campus. 


Together with the ambassador, HSD Board members Henk Geveke (TNO), Karel Luyben (TU Delft) and Richard Franken (Executive Director HSD) discussed about collaboration on innovation, knowledge sharing and economic development between the United States and the Netherlands. The discussed topics were the opportunities to bring together experts from both countries, exchanging information and facilitating technical discussions on common goals. The attendees also talked about Global EPIC and the NL-U.S. Soft-Landing Programme for economic development.


An interesting example of cooperation between HSD Office, HSD partners and the U.S. Embassy is the Legal Tech Challenge, organised by Hogeschool Leiden and Leiden University. This challenge was made possible because they received a grant budget of $12.500 from the U.S. Embassy. HSD Office pointed out this grant opportunity to Hogeschool Leiden and Leiden University as part of HSD Offices role to stimulate innovation and facilitate access to capital. It therefore is an example of a success for HSD partners through support from HSD Office.  


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HSD Partners involved