Call for Participation: Meet Master Students in Cyber Security at Capstone Entrepreneurial

05 Feb 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

Do you want to get into contact with cyber security talent and do you want an entrepreneurial business case researched? On 5 March and 23 April, around 30 Master students with a computer science background from TU Delft and University of Twente will visit the HSD Campus for a special programme as part of their 'Entrepreneurial Skills Course'. Purpose is to teach the students about entrepreneurship in cyber security and to practice it. Lecturers from the universities will teach the relevant theory and prepare the students for practical work. In total the organisers need around 10 businesses to join the project.


Organisers of this event would like to ask entrepreneurs to meet with the students at least twice: once on the afternoon of Thursday 5 March, and the second time on the afternoon of Thursday 23 April.




What's in it for Entrepreneurs

The organisers hope that by working with entrepreneurs in cyber security, students better understand what it takes to start business activities in cyber security. Some may be inspired to start a business themselves, although the majority will be looking for an inspiring place to work in the near future, which can often be found among entrepreneurial companies.


Thus taking part in “cyber security capstone entrepreneurship at the HSD Campus” provides the opportunity to get answers to some important questions that you may have and a it gives a good first ‘get to know the student’ opportunity, which may facilitate recruiting.


For more information, you can contact dr. Victor Scholten.

HSD Partners involved