Retraining through Security à la Carte: Submit your Future Talent Needs!

19 Dec 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Several of HSD’s education partners have signed a statement of intent in which they pledge to contribute to the formation of a ‘menu’ that supports education trajectories to in demand job profiles in the field of (cyber) security. Through this ‘Security à la Carte’ consortium, HSD is executing a project to realise these ambitions. In the upcoming weeks, the following questions are answered:


  • What are the functions within the safety & security work field which, in practice, are difficult to fulfil?
  • What functions are increasingly in demand?
  • What target groups do not meet function-requirements yet, but can possibly meet this through limited additional education?
  • What possibilities do HSD education partners have to satisfy the need of additional education through the illustration of new education paths and with that, provide an optimal contribution to the demand of specific professionals?
  • Which available measures, for instance government funding, can lower the threshold of sufficiently connecting supply and demand of security talent?


Several Human Resources point of contact of HSD’s partners that are active on will receive a small questionnaire shortly. This questionnaire can be taken until 11 January 2019. Did your organisation not receive a questionnaire and you wish to participate? Send us an email to

HSD Partners involved