HSD Finance Guide

HSD Finance Guide

Looking for funding opportunities in the security domain? Check the possibilities in the HSD Finance Guide!

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This Guide gives you a clear overview of all available finance opportunities during different stages of the innovation process. We have divided the Finance Guide into three categories:

Each category consists of names of the fund, target groups, type of project, the stage of the project, project costs and type of finance. By clicking on the name of a fund, you will see a factsheet with more detailed information about the fund.


Dynamic Guide

Please note that the mentioned fundings are dynamic and may change over time. The information in the Finance Guide is collected in collaboration with Leap at the beginning of 2021. If relevant subsidies are missing, please let us know via info@securitydelta.nl


More info
For more detailed questions about finance opportunities mentioned in the Finance Guide, you can contact RVO via 088 042 42 42 or Chamber of Commerce via 0800-1014 or via financiering@kvk.nl. 



For more general questions please contact HSD at info@securitydelta.nl. We will bring you into contact with organisations or experts that can help you further.

Paul Coumans
Paul Coumans
Junior Innovation Liaison