Access to Market

Access to Market

We help organisations to enter national and international markets.  

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With the best connections that we have. We help organisations to make new connections, scale-up innovations and execute their growth strategies. The HSD ecosystem contains a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise where your organisation can benefit from. 


Explore international markets

HSD can help you to enter international markets and connect you with our global network. We do this by offering different roadmaps to enter international markets in the security sector. Involving you in trade or softlanding programmes towards different focus countries, guide you in your development of an internationalisation plan and/or help choose the relevant countries for you. Interested? Visit our Explore international markets page for more detailed information! 


Establish in The Netherlands

Organisations looking to expand in the European and Dutch Market have the opportunity to become part of the Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD) where businesses, governments and knowledge institutions work together and share a common goal: more business activity and a secure world. The Netherlands offers a strong business climate for security businesses. For further details visit our Establish in The Netherlands page!  


Market Consultation Sessions

HSD also actively connect security challenges from end-users to experts within our network. Do you have a security challenge? Explore the issue with several experts during a market consultation session! These sessions are aimed at organisations for whom security is high on the agenda and who have an interest in constant learning to take their cyber security to a higher level, together with our specialised HSD partners. Interested? Visit our Market Consultation Sessions page for more detailed information!