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As of September 2021, the SecurIT funding project has officially started, with HSD as one of the organising clusters. SecurIT is a collaborative European project that aims to promote a new industrial value chain for safe, secure, and resilient cities and territories. It will do so through supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects involving multiple European partners. This will allow for experimentation with and development of innovative solutions in the field of security.


SecurIT is structured in three major axes:

  1. It demands analyses of use cases on the security market. These will be developed with integrators and final users.
  2. It identifies innovative technological security solutions in the TRL 5-8 stages.
  3. It plays a matchmaking role. This role is important to facilitate consortium building for the application for the 2 open calls.

SecurIT will support 63 collaborative projects developed by 126 European SMEs through two cascade funding open calls. The project is led by 8 European clusters, one of which is HSD.


In this project, there are plentiful opportunities to be seized for various parties. Clusters, and their partners, can provide direct support to SMEs on open calls. The project also allows for networking at a European level between end-users, security experts, and SMEs. This thus provides a great opportunity for growth in expertise, business, and innovation, even after the project has ended. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the project provides a unique opportunity to receive funding and validation for a prototype/demonstrator in an agile way. Paired with this comes visibility for both the outcome and the actors involved.


The first open call for projects is from January to March 2022, and the second open call is from February 2023 to April 2023. Prior to the Open Calls, workshops will take place with end-users and integrators to ensure that submitted solutions match actual security issues. 


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Paul Coumans
Paul Coumans
Junior Innovation Liaison