Finalists Accenture Innovation Awards 2016 Announced

28 Sep 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

Over 800 organisations have registered this year for the 10th edition of the annual Accenture innovation programme regarding the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. In the category 'Safe & Secure Society' HSD partner ThreadStone Cyber Security is nominated together with four other contestants (Authentiq, Dappre, ReadID and Zembro).The goal of ThreadStone is to secure SME’s in Europe against cybercrime. Therefore, ThreadStone developed a subscription based Cloud solution (SaaS). With ThreadScan it is possible to detect vulnerabilities within websites and internet connected devices.


The nominees had to pitch their innovation in front of 160 jury members, including Jaya Baloo (Chief Information Security Officer KPN), Sander Reinderink (Director GRC Alliander) and Genserik Reniers (Professor ‘Safety of Hazardous Materials’ TU Delft). With the Innovation Awards, Accenture aims to give businesses and organizations the credits and exposure they deserve. The winners are selected by a panel of experts in innovation. The awards also includes legal, strategic or marketing advice provided by Accenture and partners.


Winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 in the category ‘Secure & Safe Society’ was Tracksinspector as technology partner of Sweetie 2.0.


The winners will receive their Innovation Award(s) October 28, 2016 at DeFabrique in Utrecht.

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