AI Peace Palace

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NL AI Coalitie, Security Delta (HSD), Nederlands Forensisch Instituut, Ministerie van J&V, Ministerie van Defensie, Politie, NCI Agency, Openbaar Ministerie, Gemeente Den Haag, Universiteit Leiden, TU Delft, HHS, TNO, KPN, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zak
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The AI Peace Palace Working Group is working on the realization of an international forum for responsible AI in the field of security, peace, and justice. The mission of the forum is to contribute to the development of Europe into the first intelligent, just, and safe AI society in the world. For this purpose, an innovative and international ecosystem of governments, companies, knowledge institutions, and civil society organizations is created. Building on the mission of the Data Science Initiative, the forum supports innovative projects in the field of data and AI, focused on security, peace, and justice. In parallel, the 'AI Peace Palace' brings together parties to shape and legally secure governance. The forum also aims to stimulate social debate on AI.


ELSA Labs 

Artificial intelligence offers great opportunities for innovation in the security domain, but simultaneously brings new risks and challenges. Thus, in working with artificial intelligence, it is important to keep certain caveats in mind so that this technology can be deployed in a human-centered way. The ELSA Labs focus on developing jointly responsible applications of AI, this is done in collaboration with companies, government, knowledge institutions, civil society organizations and citizens so that different perspectives, backgrounds, and purposes are considered in this development. ELSA refers to Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects. By allowing these aspects to guide the development process, solutions to both societal and business problems are developed, with fairness, justice, security, and above all, trustworthiness at the core.


In January 2022, five ELSA Labs were granted over 10 million euros in NWO-funding to support further development. HSD is closely involved in two of these labs, namely the ELSA Lab Defence and the ELSA Lab AI for Multi-Agency Public Safety issues (AI-MAPS). In addition, there is another lab under construction focussing on Making AI Public: Governance, Justice and Security in the Digital Era. HSD will collaborate in the coming years to support within these labs the development of technological innovations that safeguard public values and fundamental rights, respect human rights - where possible strengthen them - and can count on public support. The research thus contributes to the building of an ecosystem of trust. More about the ELSA Labs and HSD's role in them can be found here.


The Hague Conference on Responsible AI for Peace, Justice, and Security. 

This annual conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague contributes to making Europe the first intelligent, just, and secure AI society in the world. The conference focuses on the creation of a multidisciplinary group of frontrunners in the field of AI applications for security, peace, and justice. The Ministry of Justice and Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague are organizing this high-level meeting where the following themes will be addressed in 2022: 'International Policy & Law', 'Technology & Application', 'AI & Cyber', 'Future of the City & AI'.


Hackathon for Good. 

The mission of Hackathon for Good is to deploy hackers and innovators on behalf of innovation programs initiated by governments, companies, and knowledge institutions and related to a social issue. They are supported in the creation and testing of prototype products that use data and AI. For example, there is a focus on the use of blockchain to counter disinformation and AI technology to recognize "deep fakes". The hackers and innovators also work on, for example, combating food waste and flooding with the help of technology. At the annual event, more than 100 participants from 20 countries worked on use cases from the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Defense, among others. The hackathon is organised by The Hague Tech, World Startup in close collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, Security Delta, Hague Humanity Hub, Impact City, YesDelft!


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