Recap of the first Smart Safety & Security Talks Session

29 Mar 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

On Thursday 28 March, the first ‘Smart Safety & Security Talks’ session organised by, Impact Coalitie Safety & Security,  included 33 participants, varying from police, municipalities, VNG, various research institutes, and Security Delta (HSD). 


Sascha Hoogendoorn (TU Delft) and Jeroen Steenbakkers (Argaleo) were on the schedule during this first session. They took the audience through the possibilities of 'predicting human movement flows based on historical data, which should conduct effective crowd management. With the help of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms and a powerful visualisation tool, an attempt was made to turn the many data that municipalities have into useful information for crowd management.


Some takeaways from this insightful first session:

  • Crowd management is necessary for larger events. A minor incident (a fall) or logistical setback (a train breakdown) can significantly impact group conduct.
  • The EU project Emeralds runs until the end of 2025. The next phase will involve testing all indicators for risk prediction. Project AI Compass, a global collaboration focused on applying artificial intelligence (AI) to predict crowds and hazards and enhance decision-making, begins on June 1st of this year.
  • Emeralds uses historical data from Rotterdam and The Hague to focus on crowd prediction. For instance, consider the crowds in Scheveningen next summer. Beautiful weather signals the arrival of crowds.
  • Challenges include a lack of real-time data sources and adequate real-time decision support, as well as planning.
  • Challenges include the lack of real-time data sources and effective decision support in real-time scheduling
  • Sascha Hoogendoorn of TU Delft invites municipalities and police to join her and her team in a debate about taking action: when are interventions successful and why? This can improve future processes of decision-making.
  • Experiments will be conducted on the TU Delft campus using privacy-friendly emotion reading to estimate disruption risk. The TU ethical committee always evaluates ideas to assess whether using a sensor and data is following policy.

Next Smart Safety & Security Talk

The next 'Smart Safety & Security Talks' session will be held on 25 April with the topic ‘the deployment of (noise) sensors against noise pollution.’


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