Launched: Human Capital Agenda Security 2019-2022

23 May 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

On 22 May, the ‘Human Capital Agenda Security 2019-2022’ (HCA Security) was published by HSD Office. The goal of the agenda is to tackle the discrepancies in the labour market by improving the qualitative and quantitative match between demand and supply of security personnel. Access to talent is a crucial prerequisite for the creation of innovative security solutions and the growth of the security sector. 


This agenda has been developed in cooperation with many partners and builds on the results of the 'Human Capital Actionagenda Cybersecurity 2016-2018'. The scope of the agenda has grown from cybersecurity to the broader field of security and from the province of South Holland to the Netherlands, although this topic and region remain crucial pillars for security in The Netherlands.


Building on the positive experience of the approach of the previous agenda, we will continue working on two tracks. Track 1 is focussed on improving the connection between education and labour market/employers. Track 2 focussed on attracting and developing talent. 


Examples of running programmes within these tracks are:

HCA programmes


Cooperation with partners 

The Dutch security cluster The Hague Security Delta has many active partners who execute HCA-programmes. Even more partners and others support the realisation of its vision. The present agenda relies on using their expertise, execution power and ambitions. It is connected with national, regional and local policies set out by Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC) and dcypher, ECP’s Human Capital Agenda for ICT, Economic Board Zuid-Holland (EBZ) Human Capital, Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag Roadmap Next Economy (MRDH RNE): Next Education and Economic Board Den Haag (EBDH) amongst others.


selection of contributing organisations. 




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