Partners and Advisory Board Members Contribute to HSD Strategy 2020-2025

13 May 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

To ensure that as a cluster we continue to provide added value in the coming years, we are making an HSD vision for the future and a multi-year strategy for 2020-2025. We do this in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders. Aiming for a supported vision, clear roles and the formulation of joint outcome goals and action lines.


After the analysation of the partner and gateway research 2019 and a work session within HSD Office, an online strategy meeting took place on 12 May. This meeting was attended by 25 of our premium partners and members of our Advisory Board. For optimal interaction, we worked in smaller groups in different virtual "rooms". The participants discussed the substantive focus of the cluster: on which themes do we focus and profile ourselves. How do we position the HSD cluster (national, regional and/or local) and what does this mean for the financing of HSD. We process the results and provide feedback of this session to the participants. In addition, we incorporate them into the long-term strategy.


How further? 

The input from our network and alliance partners is also important. In the coming period, they will receive a survey to share their views on the points mentionned before, as well as an inquiry on requests to HSD in relation to Corona consequences. We will also hold discussions with our stakeholders. With this input, we will further sharpen the multi-year strategy document including the financial plan. This concept will be discussed with our Supervisory and Advisory Board before summer and will be finalised in september 2020.