4TU.CybSec Capstone Entrepreneurial 2019

06 Mar 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

On 7 March 2019, Master students with a computer science background from TU Delft and University of Twente visited the HSD Campus for a special programme as part of their 'Entrepreneurial Skills Course'. The purpose is to teach the students about entrepreneurship in cyber security and to practice it. Lecturers from the universities will teach the relevant theory and prepare the students for practical work. In total, 10 businesses and

Deputy Mayor for The City of The Hague Saskia Bruines were present.


The assignment for these students was as follows: they had to research a market, a new service or a new product with a focus on customer experience rather than technology. Students then had to present the profile of the company and their advice based on the given task in approximately 5 minutes. After these presentations, student teams per company were chosen by a drawing (3 students per company). The drawing was followed by in-depth discussions regarding the assignment and the students had the opportunity to ask questions.


The day ended with drinks and students had the opportunity to further discuss their assignment and make arrangements for visiting the company or planning a meeting over the phone or e-mail.



Though this day has ended, the students are not finished. On 14 March, students have to hand in their draft including a possible solution, a planning and a plan of action to their teacher and the company. They will work on their assignments and send a progress report every 2 weeks. A Skype meeting is also arranged with a teacher to monitor progress and discuss any problems that students might encounter.


Final presentation

The students will present their findings in a final presentation of 5 minutes on 25 April of this year. The result will thus be seen by fellow students and the other companies. Students will hand in their executive summaries and their presentations one day prior to the final presenting day. They will also hand in a progress report and all the collected data.

This will be a good experience for both the students and the companies. Students are asked to use their knowledge, reflection and inventiveness to reach a possible solution for the companies.


The companies that participated and met with the students were Business Forensics, Cisco Systems International, Cybersprint bv, ForeScout Technologies, Innovalor, Linkit, Navaio, Penetra Cyber Security and Splendo.



Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor for The City of The Hague in Conversation With Students

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