Results Human Capital Action Agenda Cyber Security 2016-2018

16 Apr 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

In December 2016, the ‘Human Capital Actieagenda Cyber Security 2016-2018 (HCA)’ was launched, executed by HSD partners and other parties, supported by HSD Office. The goal of the HCA was to tackle discrepancies in cyber security education and labour market by improving the qualitative and quantitative match between demand and supply of cyber security personnel. Contributing to need for talent to realise a safe and secure society, and economic growth of the sector. Looking back at the last two years several results were realised by the participating parties.


Highlights results 2016-2018

From 2016 untill 2018 the contributing organisations executed two programme tracks. Track 1: focussed on improving the connection between education and labour market. Track 2: focussed on attracting and developing talent. Several successes have been achieved, some of them as output of the HSD Office, most of them as results of partners with support from HSD Office and the HCA Cyber Security.


  • Three International Cyber Security Summer Schools powered by HSD have been organised that educated over 170 students and young professionals. The 2018 edition resulted in at least 5 hires that we know of.
  • The Cyber Security Academy has educated three cohorts of students in their Master in Cybersecurity, 37 graduated.
  • The P@CT-programme created new successful educational modules, trained 15 teachers, enhanced the number of guest lectures, strengthen the link between secondary education and vocational level training and cybersecurity will become a mandatory part of vocational level IT education from 2019 onward.
  • Through the, HSD Office shared  900 vacancies, 700 studies and courses, 40 job profiles and 20 role models. This lead to an average of 1.800 visits per month.
  • Several HSD Office-initiated studies contributed to the transparency of market demand and -development and thereby supported policymaking in this field.
  • The shortage of cybersecurity talents has been addressed at a national level through a letter signed by several partners and follow-up dialogue with the Ministry of Education.
  • Organised events and meetups powered by HSD Office resulted in the matchmaking of over a 100 (young) professionals per year with employers.

Human Capital Agenda Security 2019 - 2022

At this moment the HCA Security 2019-2022 is being developed building on the successful previous agenda by keeping 80% of the former focus, and to differentiate for 20% in the following way:

  • Broadening the scope to security;

  • The area of application is The Netherlands;

  • Duration of 4 years.

The new HCA will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. Interested? Please contact Mark Ruijsendaal, HSD Innovation Liaison.


Click here for an overview of the involved networks, stakeholders, education & trainings institutions and employers.