Cross-Sectorial CISO Intervision Sessions

Cross-Sectorial CISO Intervision Sessions

Twice each year, Security Delta hosts CISO sessions, to inspire and challenge CISOs across a variety of sectors.

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These sessions provide a trusted environment where CISOs share challenges their organisations face in the cybersecurity domain. Topics range across a wide variety of subjects, but examples from the past include the Log4j vulnerability, CISO leadership and organisational maturity.


Each CISO intervision session is structured around a theme, with presentations and discussion statements, interspersed by lively discussions on the topics at hand. The number of participants of each session is limited, to ensure an interactive experience for all involved. Lastly, all participants are invited for a drink after the sessions to network and discuss their experience during the session. This structure is aimed at inviting participants to engage in an interactive discussion to share knowledge, while also expanding their network with fellow CISOs.


CISO Conference

In addition to these sessions, Security Delta (HSD) also organises a larger scale CISO conference each year in November where broader topics are discussed with present CISOs and security specialists that are not yet affiliated. The added value here is hearing many different perspectives from a range of organisations, while also being able to build a network of CISOs in the industry.


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