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OT Security Expert Platform

The community for collaboration and sharing knowledge in the field of industrial cybersecurity. 

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Cyber security within the industrial sector is complex and unlike other sectors. The impact of OT systems failures is huge and it often takes a long time to get processes back up-to-speed. To stay ahead of cybercriminals, sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and collaboration within the sector is very important. That is why the 'Industrial Platform Cyber Security (IPCS)' was established in 2014, of which Security Delta (HSD) fullfils the role of secretary since 2024.


What is the 'Industrial Platform Cyber Security' (IPCS)?

IPCS is an active community of professionals who share the same goal: to strengthen the cyber security of industrial automation and control systems in order to increase the safety of our critical infrastructures. Sharing knowledge and working together is key to the community. The community consists of around 40 experts, who meet twice a year during an inspiring meeting. In addition, working groups meet frequently and have contact with each other via the platform. 


Community objectives:

  • Exchange of information and experiences between members within the platform
  • Sounding board for relevant topics
  • Promote the implementation of cyber security
  • Support in standards development, primarily within IEC
  • Stay up to date with the latest standards and technology


What to expect from this platform?

  • A professional network and discussion opportunities with fellow stakeholders and specialists.
  • Following new developments closely, enabling participants to anticipate.
  • Influence through participation in international standards development projects.
  • Two meetings per year.


For whom?

IPCS targets a wide range of professionals, including engineers, IT specialists, managers and security experts involved in OT integrated with communication networks. But also to professionals responsible for the security of industrial automatisation and controle systems, such as C-level executives, managers, engineers, operators.


Join IPCS!

The platform is open to experts who want to join and have demonstrable experience in the OT domain. For more information, please contact Pieter Schneider, Innovation Liaison HSD at Pieter.Schneider@securitydelta.nl.



To encourage knowledge sharing, IPCS also develops its own white papers, reports, etc. Various working groups are active for this purpose. View recent publications below. For a complete overview, go to Security Insight/OT-security

More information?

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Pieter Schneider
Pieter Schneider
Innovation Liaison