About HSD

About HSD

Security Delta (HSD) is the Dutch security cluster. Over 300 companies, governmental organisations and knowledge institutions have been working together since 2013 to make a difference in securing our digitising society.

They share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative security solutions, which can be scaled within The Netherlands and internationally. Together they focus on Cyber Security & Resilience, Data & AI/Intel and Smart Secure Societies.


HSD is a non-profit organisation that 'thinks, dares and acts'. By providing access to knowledge, innovation, market, finance, and talent, HSD takes care of the preconditions for a successful security cluster. We do this with the common goal of strengthening the Dutch economy, increase employment rates and making The Netherlands more secure.


The Dutch national security cluster, has strong connections with South Holland and an inspiring meeting place, the HSD Campus in The Hague.stempel hsd 10jaar


The year 2023 marks HSD's 10th anniversary.

  • The Dutch Security Cluster
  • 300+ businesses, governments & knowledge institutions involved
  • Focus: Cyber Security & Resilience, Smart Secure Societies and Data & AI/Intel
  • Non-profit organisation founded in 2013
  • HSD Campus in The Hague

HSD Office

The Dutch security cluster is supported by HSD Office. As an independent organisation, we accelerate collaboration in the Dutch security cluster, connect businesses, governments and knowledge institutions and facilitate knowledge sharing between them. Together with these organisations, we set up innovation programmes which are open to all who are interested. We also provide HSD Partners with access to market, innovation, knowledge, capital and talent. And establishes both national and international knowledge and trade partnerships. By doing so together with our partners, we also acquire talent, investors, conferences and foreign organisations to the Netherlands.

HSD Office
"Security is a societal issue with many challenges in today’s digitising world. We believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration are crucial to tacle these challenges and create innovative security solutions. Together we secure the future!".