South Holland Growth Agenda

25 Sep 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On 25 September, the South Holland Growth Agenda was launched. A joint initiative of businesses, knowledge institutions and governments in South Holland aiming to create new jobs and sustainable business for the region and the Netherlands.


Our country face major challenges. How do we continue to earn a living in the coming years? How do we get out of the corona crisis stronger, greener and healthier? With the South Holland Growth Agenda, they want to take advantage of the opportunities in the region to make a greater contribution to the Dutch economy and society. That is why they ask the government to join forces.


Saskia Bruines, deputy mayor of the city of The Hague: "Investing in this region pays off; additional investments from the central government can yield 10% extra economic growth for the Netherlands in 10 years' time. We do this by making joint plans and bundling public and private investments. Each partner contributes from his own strength; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity are two absolute top priorities as an essential contribution of the Hague region to the regional and national economy. Knowledge, expertise and innovations are abundant in our region. We have leading startups, scaleups and large companies. But also the universities in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam, the universities of applied sciences, TNO, a Security Delta and numerous (inter) national government organisations that are active in this field."


More information (in Dutch) or watch the video:


Groeiagenda Zuid-Holland from InnovationQuarter on Vimeo.



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