Launch Dutch Strategic Action Plan for AI and AI Coalition

08 Oct 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

With more than a hundred concrete actions such as intensive cooperation with business and science and by investing public resources, the Dutch government is going to utilise the societal and economic opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Netherlands. This according to the Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which was launched on 8 October by the Secretary of State Mona Keijzer (Ministry of Economic Affairs) on behalf of the Cabinet at the Humanity Hub in The Hague.



AI is a technology through which, for instance, industrial machines, software and all kinds of devices can solve problems and perform tasks independently. They imitate the human thought process. The Netherlands has a good starting point when it comes to research on and applications of AI. The aim of the government is to keep the Dutch economy globally competitive by stimulating AI on the basis of the principle that people and businesses can be confident that AI will be used with care.


The action plan is aimed at exploiting the opportunities of AI and is comprised of, among other things, funding for researchers and entrepreneurs. In comparison to a lot of other national AI strategies, the action plan also addresses essential conditions for successfully using AI in education, data use, digital infrastructure and the protection of the rights of citizens within appropriate ethical and legal frameworks.


Cyber Security

The Action Plan also refers to the cybersecurity domain, where AI-technologies will lead to new forms of cyberattacks and new counter measurements. Therefore, AI will play an important role in the development of cyber security systems. For example with the automatical detection of viruses or anomalies in networks. In regard to using AI for automatical detection, TNO together with HSD Office are already creating a consortium called 'Automated Security Operations'.


Launch Dutch AI Coalition

Currently more than 65 parties - amongst many HSD partners and HSD Office - are working together on this in the Dutch AI Coalition. This public-private cooperation was also launched on 8 October and is, together with the strategy, the basis for the Dutch approach of AI. The Coalition’s objective is a multi-year public-private investment of in total two billion euros in seven years. 


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For more information about the Dutch AI Coalition, click here.   
For more information about the Dutch Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence and the full report in Dutch, click here.

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