Safety Agenda of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition Launched

02 feb 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On Wednesday 1 February, the Safety Agenda of the Dutch Blockchain (DBC) Coalition was launched during a community event on Security at the Security Delta (HSD) Campus in The Hague. The community event is the kick-off of new public-private partnerships to ensure security in and with blockchain, based on social interests.


During the launch of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition’s Safety Agenda, the bond was also strengthened between the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Security Delta (HSD), which have been successfully helping to realise initiatives on various themes for years. The Security Agenda was realised based on a series of expert meetings with participants from the government, business community and knowledge institutes.


DBC has developed agendas, programmes and activities in various areas where blockchain technology plays or could play a role. One such programme was the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme on blockchain focused on Singapore. HSD was a participant in this PIB programme and set up the security subtrack with Dr. Mark van Staalduinen of CFLW Cyber Strategies, TNO, ABN AMRO, and the Ministry of Justice and Security. A series of roundtables were organised within this subtrack, in which an overarching picture was formed with public and private partners from Singapore of relevant openings that exist to ensure greater security within blockchain developments against among others cyber criminals.


The success of this component eventually led to the decision within DBC to develop an agenda on security within the Netherlands using the same format. The presentation of this agenda on 1 February 2023 is an excellent moment to formalise the approach of the mutual shared interests of HSD and DBC with an Alliance Partnership. Within this partnership, both organisations will support each other’s initiatives wherever possible and extend each other’s reach.


For more content on the Safety Agenda DBC, click here.


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