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Online Innovation Floor

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Security Insight is the knowledge & innovation platform of Security Delta (HSD). On this platform, more than 100 experts share their knowledge and developments in the field of security. It is also the place where organisations can go with their security question and immediately find an expert who can help them, either independently or with the help of HSD Office.


Alongside all the latest reports, podcasts, webinars and articles, Security Insight offers the Innovation Floor, where our premium partners can showcase their latest innovations in the field of security. Examples of this include ThreadStone Cyber Security’s ThreadScan, which makes it possible to detect all kinds of vulnerabilities of websites and internet connected devices, or EclecticIQ’s new platform to help organizations apply threat intelligence in their operations to defeat attackers and strengthen their overall security posture.


If you’d like to browse the innovation floor for yourself, or if you’re interested in showcasing an innovation of your own, visit the Security Insight Innovation Floor now!


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