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Operational Technology (OT), entailing both the hardware and software used in critical infrastructures and industry, carries a large security component nowadays. OT has become more and more interconnected with IT networks, due to the process of digitalisation. However, cybersecurity remains a topic that is insufficiently prioritised, despite growing risks and potential disastrous consequences.


HSD Office has set up an OT-Security Community of Practice (CoP) to navigate the changing cyberthreat landscape in which OT operates. The CoP aims to put OT-security on the agenda by increasing cybersecurity awareness, establish best practices, and develop and share tools and research. The Community of Practice brings professionals from the private and public sector together to discuss and develop security solutions for the OT sector. This enthusiastic group of experts gathers regularly and is establishing concrete ties with the different sectors that work daily with OT. Developments and insights from within the CoP can be found on


CoP OT-Security activities include:



The term Operational Technology (OT) is used to refer to hardware and software that monitors or controls industrial equipment, assets, processes and events. OT is prevalent in two broad-scaled sectors, (critical) infrastructure and the industrial sector. Its widespread application ranges from distillation units, dams, logistic centers, prisons, hospitals, factories, to airports and railway stations.


The process of digitalisation is altering the cyberlandscape in which OT operates. With the rise of technologies such as Big Data, Data Analytics and the Internet of Things, organisations have increasing business needs to integrate OT with IT networks via connections to the internet. In response, numerous challenges arise that pose a threat to the security of these systems. As of yet, responsibilities are often unclear, awareness is still lacking, and communication is suboptimal. Together with technical challenges and hiatus in the law, OT is left with cyber security difficulties.


Interested in joining the OT Security Community of Practice? Send an email to HSD Innovation Liaison: Bert Feskens,  


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