Recap Cyber Security Week 2017

03 okt 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

From 25-29 September, The Hague Security Delta organised the second edition of international Cyber Security Week together with 100 partners from businesses, knowledge institutions and government. Featuring 80 events and attracting over 4300 visitors from 70 countries, this edition was twice as big as the one in 2015. Once again, Cyber Security Week proved the place to be to experience how to work together internationally and nationally in the Netherlands on creating a safe cyber world. The week was organised around the four themes which form the basis for the successful development of innovative cyber security solutions: Access to Talent, Access to Capital, Access to Market and Access to Knowledge.
On Monday morning, the week’s activities kicked off with a panel discussion involving participants like Dick Schoof, the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, and Jos Nijhuis, co-chairman of the Cyber Security Council. Inge Philips, director of Cybercrime at Deloitte, presented the report Cyber Value at Risk about the economic damage of cyber criminality for the Netherlands, focusing particularly on the consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Access to Talent
The development of security talent starts at a young age. In order to arouse the interest of schoolchildren, a HackLab Kids was opened by a group of pupils and Saskia Bruines, deputy mayor of the Knowledge Economy, International, Youth and Education in the city of The Hague. 
Saskia Bruines: “There’s a rapidly increasing demand for well-educated personnel in the field of cyber security. It’s therefore important to train children in digital skills at a very early stage. From primary school to university, training cyber talent must be high on the agenda.”
In the afternoon, there was also an event during which students and other young talents were able to meet cyber security professionals.

 CSW2017 2509 FDR1 Panel Discussion  

CSW2017 2509 FDR4smallDeputy Mayor Saskia Bruines and children from Paschalisschool
Access to Capital
The availability of capital is essential for innovative start-ups and SMEs to develop into important employers of the future. During the Pitching for Capital event on the second day of Cyber Security Week, nine promising, innovative Fintech and security start-ups therefore pitched their ideas to no fewer than 45 national and international investors.
Access to Market
Via Access to Market, supply and demand are brought together, both nationally and internationally. The British Department for International Trade organised this second UK-NL Cyber Security Showcase. The event brought together 45 of the most innovative cyber security companies based in the Netherlands and the UK to demonstrate their knowledge, products and services. There were also 70 ambassadors and trade counsellors present on Wednesday.
Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference
From Wednesday, Europol-INTERPOL organised the 5th Cybercrime Conference at which the 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment was presented. Europol-INTERPOL reported important successes in law enforcement, despite an increasingly professionalised cybercrime landscape.
Global CyberLympics
During the Global CyberLympics – an international ethical hacking competition – 80 participants from 8 countries teamed up to compete against each other in the grand final in The Hague. The winner was the Netherlands Team Hack.ERS.


E CSW 2709 FDR1website

Team Hack.ERS

HSD Campus Days: Access to Knowledge
The last two days of Cyber Security Week took place on the campus of The Hague Security Delta, the innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster. Knowledge is crucial for innovation and security. So visitors actively embarked on discussions with each other and acquired more in-depth knowledge about the dark web, cross-industry cooperation, blockchain solutions and about the cyber security risks of the future.


CSW 2709 FDR17  CSW Match

E CSW 2709 FDR3Reception City Hall
All in all, the second edition of Cyber Security Week was a great success, not least thanks to the cooperation with 100 HSD partners. Over 5 days and 80 events, Cyber Security Week welcomed over 3000 visitors from 70 countries. The presence of a wide range of both news and business media ensured that the Netherlands was able to extensively showcase its position as Secure Digital Gateway to Europe.
Richard Franken, executive director of The Hague Security Delta:
“The current importance of the theme cyber security resulted in the Cyber Security Week being twice as big as predicted, so it exceeded all our expectations. What struck us was the energy that radiated from all the events which took place this week in 17 locations. Everyone was keen to get working together right away.”


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Cyber Security Week is an initiative of HSD, the City of The Hague, InnovationQuarter, The Conference The Hague and Deloitte and is organised together with 100 partners.