The Netherlands’ National Growth Fund Awards the Dutch AI Coalition with 276 Million Euros to Accelerate the Opportunities of AI

10 apr 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The AiNed investment programme Artificial Intelligence of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) will receive €276 million as one of the approved innovation proposals from the National Growth Fund. The decision of the advisory committee chaired by Jeroen Dijsselbloem on the first round of the National Growth Fund was taken by the council of ministers today. It includes the granting of 5 proposals for research and innovation submitted by State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) on behalf of collaborating companies, knowledge institutions and governments including NL AIC.


Kees van der Klauw, coalition manager of NL AIC: "We are delighted with the news that our AiNed programme has been nominated by the advisory committee and that phase 1 of the AiNed programme has been substantially honoured by the Council of Ministers. An excellent result! The multiannual programme accelerates the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, the Netherlands can reap the economic and social benefits of AI and join the international frontrunners. The participants of the NL AIC have worked very hard on this plan, and it has paid off. We are proud of that. We look forward to realising this ambition together."


Economic growth and recovery

AI is a rapidly developing technology that has an enormous impact on our society and on all aspects of the economy. The impact of AI will continue to grow in the coming years. AI applications are already being used to improve medical diagnosis and care; reduce the use of pesticides; save energy; better fight crime; ensure cheaper maintenance of roads, railways and bridges; and more efficient production and transport of goods, among other things.


State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy): "Innovation aimed at digitisation, sustainability and health was given a prominent place at the start of the National Growth Fund. This is beneficial to all Dutch people. After all, research and development is the key to sustainable growth and therefore to our jobs and income in the future. The government must also actively provide large-scale public funding in to allow research, innovation and technology to develop further, to allow start-ups to grow, to attract talent, and to keep innovation in the Netherlands and thus to strengthen our international position. I see great opportunities for the collaborating companies, knowledge institutions and governments involved to take up these challenges."


AiNed programme objectives

To strengthen the Dutch position and cash in on the opportunities, the multi-year AiNed programme was set up by the NL AIC, a public-private consortium with more than 400 participating organisations. With this strong and well-organised approach, the Netherlands can ensure a significant growth of our gross domestic product (GDP, potentially 1.6%). It contributes to a strong increase in the number of companies investing in and applying AI. The AiNed programme focuses on the positive social effects of AI through the deployment of responsible and human-centred AI applications that contribute to the European ambition.


Cees Oudshoorn, managing director VNO-NCW/chairman of the strategy team NL AIC: "There is a very good plan for the Netherlands to join the world top in terms of AI and to ensure that we benefit socially and economically. This in a European way, with an eye for public interests, people-oriented and in close cooperation between science, government and industry. We are proud that this is seen by the cabinet and the advisory committee of the National Growth Fund and that we can count on financial support. Now it is up to all participants of the Dutch AI Coalition to do our utmost to realise the ambition and plans in the coming years."


Excelling with AI in areas the Netherlands performs well in

With the allocation of €276 million from the National Growth Fund, which still requires some fine-tuning and conditions to be met, the AiNed programme is focusing on large-scale projects to solve five bottlenecks. The programme aims to achieve this with a unique learning and integral chain approach, in which people-oriented AI is paramount and numerous parties cooperate government, education and research, business, social organisations and citizens. The difficulties for the successful application of AI in the Netherlands are in the field of innovation, knowledge base, labour market, society and data sharing. The projects focus on attracting and retaining AI talent, training students and employees, and accelerating the development and application of AI. An important difference is made with projects that bring together consortia of (chain) parties around knowledge and innovation collaborations in precisely those AI application areas and AI technology domains where the Netherlands distinguishes itself internationally.


To implement this AiNed programme, a sole national AI innovation ecosystem will be realised that is optimally aligned with European initiatives and built on strong AI hubs (regional clusters for research and innovation) and spokes (linked expertise centres). These parties cooperate on common topics and take a leadership role on specific strengths in application areas, in cooperation with the NL AIC. In doing so, the entire value chain is involved and strengthened.


More information about the AiNed programme can be found on


The AINed proposal by the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC) is an investment programme to harness the potential of artificial intelligence for the Dutch economy and society. Also for Security, Peace & Justice and with privacy, security and ethics by design. HSD fulfils a role in NLAIC as chairman and secretary of the Security, Peace & Justice working group.

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