The Economic Board South Holland (EBZ) consists of 30 of the most important players in the South Holland economy. Both from the business community, knowledge institutions and the government. Together with all board members and their supporters, we make the South Holland business community future-proof and competitive in the next economy. Together we set out a fact-based economic strategy for the region. That strategy follows two paths:


Renewing the economy
EBZ creates support and mobilizes capacity for the major transitions our economy is facing: digitization, energy transition, circular economy, food and health. This specifically concerns the digitization of our strong sectors, the transition from a fossil-driven industry to CO2-neutral, circular value chains and the formation of new value chains at the intersection of food and health.


Creating an excellent business climate
We want to ensure that South Holland is an attractive place to live, work, do business and do research. We focus on mobility, an agile labor market (Human Capital), attractive and accessible cities and a good business climate.