Multidisciplinary Talent During International Cyber Security Summer School in The Hague

14 aug 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

This week the fourth edition of the International Cyber Security Summer School (ICSSS) takes place in The Hague, the Netherlands. From the 19th until the 24th of August, a multidisciplinary group of sixty students and young professionals from 21 countries follow classes on the most current topics in cyber security. They are challenged to work on new solutions to make IT-enabled activities more secure. The Summer School is organised by NATO Communications and Information Agency, Europol, EY, Leiden University and The Hague Security Delta and aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and access to talent in order to enhance our digital security.


With backgrounds in technology, policy and law, the sixty participants (chosen out of more than 150 applicants) have come together to learn more about a much-needed multidisciplinary approach to cyber security. At the same time, these future cyber security experts will be brought into contact with experts and professionals from some of the most experienced organisations in the field, creating the access to the talent that is essential to many employers.


Linking Future Talent with Experts

In addition to lectures from the organising national and international institutions, students will also receive guest lectures from other experts. As the NCIA organisers note: "protecting our communication networks and the information on them is more important than ever. Cyber security requires an international approach. This summer school is one route for us to inspire and educate the next generation of cyber security professionals across the international community." The Hague Security Delta underlines the importance of connecting our future cyber security professionals with experts and creating more access to talent, as well as access to knowledge by building communities like these.



During the six-day program, the participants will be taught about cyberspace, the cyber threat landscape and about cybercrime as a service. In addition, they will also be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to current cyber security issues provided by organisations such as Thales, ABN AMRO, Palo Alto, Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen/NS), Certified Secure and Secura. On Friday, the summer school will hold its closing lectures and its final presentations in the Dutch Innovation Factory, where business and education meet.


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