Minister Grapperhaus Launched the Dutch Cyber Security Agenda

22 apr 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation
On 21 April, Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security lauched the new Dutch Cyber Security Agenda (NCSA). According to the agenda extra measurements are needed to enhance the Dutch cyber security approach in order to protect the Dutch critical infrastructures and seize the economic and societal opportunities of digitalisation. Watch or read the interview with Minister Grapperhaus in the Telegraaf.
The NCSA reveils 7 ambitions: 
  1. The Netherlands has its digital strength in order.
  2. The Netherlands contributes to international peace and security in the digital domain.
  3. The Netherlands is at the forefront of promoting and stimulating digitally secure hardware and software.
  4.  The Netherlands has cyber resillient digital processes and critical infrastructures.
  5. The Netherlands successfully raises barriers to cyber crime through cyber security.
  6. The Netherlands is leading in the field of cyber security knowledge development.
  7. The Netherlands has an integrated, public-private approach to cyber security.

Read the official press release by NCTV and download the Agenda here.


Source: Telegraaf and photo by Ⓒ SERGE LIGTENBERG

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