International Security Conference in the Netherlands Offers Innovative Solutions for European Security Challenges

17 mei 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

After the Nuclear Security Summit and the Global Conference on Cyber Space, the Netherlands will host yet another international security conference on June 1-2. During these days, the Dutch national security cluster The Hague Security Delta (HSD), together with the European Commission (EC), the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) and many other partners, organises the Security Research & Innovation Event 2016 (SRIE2016). Location is the World Forum in The Hague, the cyber security capital of Europe. International businesses, governments and knowledge institutions come together to discuss the current security challenges for Europe, including terrorism, border security, cybercrime and fraud. Also, agreements will be made aimed at better international cooperation.


This free-to-attend event will be opened by Minister of Security and Justice Van der Steur and consists out of a conference, multiple workshops, an ‘Innovation Room’ as well as a matchmaking programme. The minister emphasises the importance of innovation and an international approach: “International cooperation, research and innovation are crucial for the security of our society. I am therefore very pleased that the Netherlands hosts this conference. It shows that our country –with a.o. the presence of HSD- is internationally recognised as a place where security challenges can be discussed. It is also great to see that the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) and the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) recently took the initiative to invite their European colleagues to discuss how such international cooperation in this field can best be organised.”



SRIE2016 brings together important European stakeholders, including policy makers, entrepreneurs, corporates, academics, project managers and practitioners. This diverse group of attendees almost guarantees new insights into innovative approaches and products for practitioners to secure European citizens. To find practitioners’ demands, ENLETS organised several workshops with these end-users. These workshops allowed them to gather concrete security questions and openings for innovative solutions to strengthen their operational capacities.


Horizon2020: Security Societies

SRIE2016 is in line with the European Horizon2020 programme, which makes funds available for subjects like research and innovation on secure societies with international cooperation as a condition.


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