HSD Partner Initiatives in Times of COVID-19

25 mrt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Daily lives of people, organisations and governments have been affected since the outbreak of COVID-19. In the world, Europe and also in the Netherlands great initiatives are set up. Also HSD partners contribute and join forces in some unexpected ways to help. Underneath an overview of the initiatives of some of our partners.



To support teachers, schools and youth organisations with teaching from a distance and to keep contact with school students, Cisco and IBM have taken the initiative for ‘Webex for our Kids’. This initiative gives schools free access to the Cisco Webex with support from IBM to use the system. The offer is for schools in several European countries, among others The Netherlands.


TIIN Capital

To help to solve and get an overview of cyber incidents the Dutch Security TechFund (TIIN Capital B.V.) has developed a pdfCybersecurity Toolkit for the Healthcare branche together with the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) and The Hague Security Delta.



For more awareness around cyber risks at the Home Office floor, FOX-IT developed the Work at Home Quiz


Also Fox-IT collaborates together with the cybersecurity center of expertise in Healthcare Z-CERT – and where possible supported by the Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum – a helping hand to hospitals. Starting from Thursday 2 April Fox-IT provides free updated threat information to hospitals, about hackers targetting with ransomware attacts.




In collaboration with Trend Micro a 6 month free security product Trend Micro™ Maximum Security is offered with no obligations for laptops of organisations and their employees working at home. More info? Visit KPN website!



In effort to make a contribution defending cybercriminals during this Corona pandemic, Bitdefender offers their Enterprise security solution free until 31 June for all organisations in the healthcare sector. After an evaluation of the healthcare institutions this offer can maybe be prolonged with 12 months. Also read their article Cybercriminelen misbruiken wereldwijde Corona-pandemie


University of Leiden

Students of the Master Crisis Management but also other students of University Leiden offer themselves to help out in crisis organisations with their website Students against Corona.


Tech Against Corona Initiative: Dutch Tech Companies Help Government

Partners KPN, Ministery of Defence/EZK/J&V, Compumatica, Cybersprint, PublicSonar and Startpage have joined the initiative The 'Tech against Corona' Initiative of Dutch tech companies. This initiative offers free support in the fight against the corona virus. To this end, an online meeting took place on Wednesday 25 March between various tech companies and civil servants, including members of the Parliament. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how these companies can contribute to the fight against the corona virus through their services and products.


Wij helpen Ziekenhuizen
The Dutch health care is doing everything to help our society during the corona crisis. At the same time, criminals abuse the situation by attacking healthcare institutions and healthcare providers digitally. Cyber security experts have united in the 'We Help Hospitals' coalition to protect Dutch healthcare institutions free of charge against digital attacks in times of the corona crisis. Partners Audittrail, ING, Tesorion, Cisco, Guardian 360, Compumatica, KPN, MKB Cyberadvies Nederland, Nixu, Hudson Cybertec, CGI, Deloitte Nederland, DataExpert, Securify, SecureMe2 and Secura, have joined the initiative.

Read the article New Cyber coalition helps hospitals with cyber incidents 

Also read the article Tientallen bedrijven bieden gratis hulp voor ziekenhuizen in strijd tegen hackers



Iristrace is currently in pilot phase simplifying a Patient Protocol for COVID19 at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona. With the  high volume of cases, there is absolutely no time for complicated procedures. Doctors need real time visibility of available beds and key patient stats across the entire hospital. Iristrace has readied its platform to support healthcare professionals at the hospital.  https://iristrace.com/en/covid/


Europol developed some handy teleworking tips and advice. See Full infographics: https://www.europol.europa.eu/activities-services/public-awareness-and-prevention-guides/safe-teleworking-tips-and-advice




Also Europol is part of a global operation that led to seizures, arrests.
The European Union’s law enforcement arm helped spearhead a global crackdown on gangsters peddling a “staggering amount” of fake products online linked to the Covid-19 virus, according to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Europol, which coordinates the fight against organized crime in the 27-nation EU, was part of an operation in which more than 4.4 million units of illicit pharmaceuticals were seized, 37 organized-crime groups were dismantled and 121 arrests were made.


MedicomZes (part of VolkerWessels enterprise Visser & Smit Bouw bv) and her partners have built a triage facility in a few days for the hospital OLVG. For the UMCG they are building internal with the highest urgency a Corona outpatient clinic and in the VUmc / AMC - Academisch Medisch Centrum eand the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek they are setting up emergency services.



An IT security desk for organisations in Haarlem and region has opened by The Municipality of Haarlem and Navaio IT Security for IT issues. https://www.navaio.com/help-haarlem/


Worldstartup Factory & Impact City
WordStartup and Impact City, have joined forces to create a thriving community of professionals creating concrete solutions for our new reality. Aim is to unite the unique capabilities and resources of businesses, governments, universities, startups, scale-ups, investors and many others, to co-create the most needed solutions for today's challenges caused by the Corona virus, and foster resilience in our cities. Join the Resilience Right Now and Submit your Challenge!

Milvum is offering space to www.gewoonmensen.nl An initiative by two students from The Hague, who are mobilising volunteers to help people in need during the Corona crisis. More info


Tesorion is partner of the initiative “Students helping Pupils”. In this project tutoring and study guidance are facilitated for pupils by students. Al this is happening under the motto: Even though the schools are closed, every student deserves good guidance on his/her schoolwork. More info


Huawei Netherlands
Huawei Netherlands donates 800.000 mouthcaps to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The first 200.000 moutcaps have arrived this week. Minister Hugo de Jonge has received the moutchcaps at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. More info

A free course in reference to cyber hygiene and working at home is offered by CybExer Technologies for governments, organisations and self-employed. The course is to help more awareness grow, showing safety behaviour on the internet. The course is offered in 13 languages.

The course is for the individual end user of IT systems, but is also useful to private users. More info


In relation to crisis management partner Everbridge is offering a communication platform to (lower) governments. This platform is safe, scale able and quickly deployable for professionals and citizens.

See the video Major Cities Launch Coronavirus Alerts to Keep Residents Safe & Informed”. More info


Do you also have an initative, you would like to share? Please submit your initiative here