Consortia Prepare for NWA Synergy Programma Call on AI at HSD Campus

26 aug 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

This week HSD Office hosted three workshops at the HSD Campus to prepare consortia within the field of peace, justice and security for the upcoming NWA Synergy programme call on Artificial Intelligence: “Human-centred AI for an inclusive society- towards an ecosystem of trust” launched by NWO and NLAIC. Over 40 participants joined the workshops, which were organised by HSD Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice & Security and the Ministry of Defense. The Corona regulations were followed during the sessions.


The research in this programme facilitates (from the perspective of human-centred AI) the development of technological innovations that safeguard public values and constitutional rights. In addition these innovations must respect human rights - and strengthen these where possible – and must count on public support. Consortia of public and private organisations, companies, societal parties and supervisory bodies jointly work in ELSA (Ethical, Legal, Societal Aspects) Labs together with citizens and the government. Aiming to realise human-centred AI solutions using concrete cases. Solutions to be generated must be generalisable and scalable. 


€ 11.730.000 is available for five ELSA LABS of each approximate 2 million euro. The deadline for submitting mandatory initiatives is 2 September 2021, a mandatory matchmaking is required on 9 September 2021 and the final proposals should be submitted on the 4th of November 2021. 


For more information and interest in concrete matchmaking and the consortia, please contact Marlou Snelders, Innovation Liaison HSD/secretary MMIP Data &Intelligence/NLAIC working group Peace, Justice and Security via


More info about the HSD Programme 'Artificial Intelligence'. 




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