Report ‘Trends in Security 2014, Digital Collaboration Between Organisations'

22 mei 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation


Almost 90% of Dutch citizens want the government to be more active against cyber crime. However, this must not come at the cost of privacy. As many as two-thirds of the Dutch say that the government shouldn’t be able to access computers without first notifying the user. The government faces the dilemma of how to invest in cyber security but at the same time protect privacy.


This is evidenced by a research project of HSD Founding Partner Capgemini, carried out by TNS NIPO, and published in the fourth edition of the report ‘Trends in Security 2014, Digital collaboration between organisations'. The report was presented to Dick Schoof, National Counter-Terrorism and Safety Coordinator. 


You can download the full Dutch-language vision report and the English management summary from the website:

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