Province of South Holland Invests in Human Capital and 'Lifelong Development'

11 nov 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

To ensure that everyone in this changing world can find a job that suits him or her, the Province of South Holland invests in Human Capital and 'Lifelong Development'. This initiative is part of the South Holland Growth Agenda; an ambitious action and investment agenda, which is the base for key players in South Holland to invest substantially.


South Holland provides almost a quarter of the Dutch economy and labor market. Companies are desperate for professionals. And the demand for knowledge and skills is changing rapidly. At the same time, this region has the highest unemployment rates.


'Lifelong development' is the answer of the Province of South Holland to the questions: How will everyone continue to work in the coming years? How do we create new jobs when the old ones disappear? The Province creates new opportunities by investing in the manufacturing industry, knowledge and innovation. But how do we ensure that people have the skills for these jobs?


Watch the video (in Dutch) about their vision on 'Livelong Development' 




HSD validates the need for lifelong development, also for the security domain. We see continues shifts in required competences and education at our partners (see Furthermore we see a growing need for cybersecurity expertise in different sectors outside of security due to digitisation.


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The Growth Agenda South Holland is a joined initiative of businesses, knowledge institutions and goverments