International Opportunities for HSD Partners During Trade Mission South Germany (Beieren)

14 apr 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

From 12- 14 April an economic trade mission to South Germany took place. The mission was led by the King and Queen of the Netherlands together with the Dutch minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen. The mission had a strong focus on smart industry, cyber security and machinery. The delegations included over 100 Dutch organisations, amongst HSD partners Onegini, Authasas, Compumatica, Digital Intelligence, AET, Rabobank, TU Delft TNO, The city of The Hague and InnovationQuarter.


Part of the 3-day programme was the ‘Dutch-German Forum on IT Security in the Industry’, where the importance of IT security for the industry sector, cooperation between The Netherlands and Germany and the development of common approach were key. The King and Queen were special guest at this forum where several showcases were presented e.g. on interbancaire security by HSD partner Onegini and on IT security in robotica by HSD partner Authasas. In addition there were several round tables to stimulate discussions concerning subjects like smart factory in the digital age, mobility and IT-security, smart charging as well as smart electric vehicles. HSD was one of the panel members during the smart industry panel. There also were many opportunities in cross-overs between the security, automotive industry, urban mobility as well as medical technology, creating access to knowledge and market for the participants.


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