Eight New Partners Join HSD Community

21 mei 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On Monday 20 May 2019 organisations aXite, Navaio, Tata Consultancy Services, Checkpoint Software Technologies, TIIN Capital, uCrowds, Cyberupt, Profit4SF were officially welcomed to the HSD community during the weekly HSD Campus lunch.  With the variation in expertise, also these new partners bring a wide range of extra knowledge to the Dutch security cluster. The total of partners in Q2 of 2019 is now 284.


The new partners were invited to pitch themselves to the community. During their pitches, the new partners briefly introduced their organisation and talked about the added value for them to join HSD. 


Premium Partner TIIN Capital has joined HSD in line with the launch of the new Dutch Security TechFund.


Hans van den Boomen:"Checkpoint Software Technologies has 350 partners in its own ecosystem. These partners also have a need for different products. By joining HSD, this is now possible. And there might be partners that could integrate in a combination of products."


"Cybersecurity is one of our most important pillars within our organisation and service," according to Ruud Horstman (Tata Consultancy Services). "We have a lot of knowledge to share. That is the primary reason to join HSD: to share our knowledge and work together."


General Director of HSD, Joris den Bruinen, is pleased with the variety and qualitative growth of new partners. "Nearly closing Q2, it’s good to see that organisations are still joining the HSD ecosystem. By collaborating together and develop solutions for societal security challenges we can make this society more resilient. It’s about protecting hope, building on trust and preaching business together. With the growth of new partners in this community, the ecosystem can spread its wings also to new domains. The efforts that will be made will be noticed in future for a more secure society. I welcome our new partners”.




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