Bert Willemsen
+31 6 10 96 95 22
President Kennedylaan 19
2517 JK The Hague
The Netherlands
The Hague

aXite Security Tools is a Dutch cybersecurity company with a focus on data-driven solutions for Operational Technology (OT). aXite secures technical installations against cyber attacks and possible data leaks, supports asset management and delivers innovative solutions to ensure system integrity and full compliance with security and cyber directives.


In order to do so, aXite Security Tools has developed an intelligent and patented OEM independent platform, including a Gatekeeper, which enables to perform zero trust access control to legacy equipment and provides active defence in-depth for OT End Point protection at field level. With Deep package inspection and in-depth knowledge of protocols, complementary tools are developed:


  • Reduce vulnerability with AI powered automated Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDS & IPS);
  • Through its patented Change Control & Configuration Integrity verification module, with data integrity check (for compliance);
  • Implement regular strict identity verification and tracking;
  • Deliver data visualization and network monitoring systems to detect and locate suspicious activity;
  • Implement sensor physics monitoring and model-based fault diagnostics;

Through this protection, aXite can extend the lifecycle of legacy systems and deliver longer lifecycles to newly deployed technology. By applying open standards and techniques, aXite also ensures uniform data connectivity while staying vendor independent.


aXite's passion for operational environments, technical installations and cybersecurity makes its offer unique. It secures the most valuable and critical parts of your technical systems and the in-depth technology expertise makes it a reliable and knowledgeable partner.