Tokyo Olympics 2020 Offers Many Opportunities for Cyber Security Businesses

16 dec 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The 2020 Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo. This offers opportunities for Dutch businesses, among others for cyber related businesses, to position themselves on the Japanese market. For this reason, under leadership of prime-minister Rutte, a trade mission to Japan  took place in November.  The mission was aimed at businesses active in the domain of Cyber Security, Smart Olympics, Sport Science and Horticulture.

In order to increase the chance of succeeding in Japan, a ‘Partners For International Business: Cyber Security (PIB)’’ programme is developed in Japan. PIB is a trade facilitation programme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), aimed at businesses and knowledge institutions active in common sectors and willing to develop trade and collaboration in other countries. RVO is counter financer of more programmes of this nature. So within PIB, funds are available, making it easier to collaborate on the acquisition of jobs.   

Partners for International Business
The majority of the participating businesses in the Cyber Security trade mission to Japan have united in the ‘’PIB Japan: Cyber Security’’ with as theme ‘’Tokyo Olympics 2020: Cyber Security Protection of Critical Infrastructure’’. Currently are involved: Alliander, Compumatica, European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), Evidantly, Group 2000, InnovationQuarter, Radically Open Security, RedSocks, SecurityMatters, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, ZiuZ and HSD.

Cyber Security Opportunitites
Security of information is getting more crucial. In terms of Cyber Security, the Netherlands and Japan complement each other. In Japan, the Netherlands are positioned as expert in the development of network environments who protect organisations and individuals against cyber attacks and illegally accessing information. The Cyber Security mission, guided by Dick Berlijn of Deloitte, created interesting insights and contacts.

If you are interested in joining ‘’PIB Japan: Cyber Security’’, please contact Wim Botermans for more information on the following address:

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