Top-level Security Research in The Hague

18 jan 2013
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Hague, the international capital of Peace & Justice, also aims to become the European capital of Security. Rob de Wijk, director of The Hague Security Delta, talks about the initiatives and progress in the Den Haag Centraal newspaper.

Read the original article (in Dutch) or see below for a short transcript in English:

In The Hague Security Delta, governments, knowledge institutes and companies actively work together to innovate and develop new products and knowledge. One example is the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), a joint venture between KPN, KEMA, Alliander together with TNO and the city of The Hague, aiming to ensure the security of energy, water and telecom lines in the digital environment against cyber criminality. Rob de Wijk: "It is really happening. The Hague is in the spotlight. The whole world is watching us".


The Beatrixkwartier is becoming the permanent catalyst for the security sector of the Netherlands. This year, at a large office facility situated at Beatrixlaan 800, a so called Security Innovation Centre will be launched. This new centre will be home to laboratories to innovate and develop the newest solutions and tools for cyber security, disaster relief, crisis management and the security of locations. De Wijk: "ENCS has actually just moved their offices to Beatrixlaan 800". Another project in the pipeline is the establishment of the Cyber Security Academy. This will be the top-level education for students from all around the world to get educated on digital security issues. The Academy is scheduled to be launched this autumn.

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