NATO, Europol and HSD Organise New Edition International Cyber Security Summer School

22 aug 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

After a very successful first edition last year, The city of The Hague now hosts the second edition of the International Cyber Security Summer School, #ICSSS2016. The Summer School is organised by a consortium consisting of NCI Agency, Europol, and The Hague Security Delta. According to Ingrid van Engelshoven, Deputy Mayor of The Hague (Knowledge Economy, International Affairs, Youth and Education) programmes like these are strongly needed in relation to the digitization of our society: “Cyber security is becoming more and more important, as the consequences of attacks, incidents and security breaches are increasing. In order to protect our infrastructures we need to invest in future security specialist and exchange knowledge.” Students and young professionals from all corners of  the world interested in the latest developments in cyber security have arrived in the cyber security capital of Europe. The summer school takes place at the Campus of The Hague Security Delta.


From France to the US

The summer school is strongly supported by The Hague Municipality. ICSSS2016 hosts 60 students and young professionals during a six-day program, which will cover various aspects of cyber security. The students were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor. The selected participants of the international cyber security summer school were mostly postgraduate students, recent graduates as well as cyber security professionals, including staff from NATO, national defence forces and defence industry. The students come from 11 NATO and EU Nations, from France to the United States, and from Poland to Portugal. In total the group consists of 20 nationalities.


Linking Future Talent with Experts

In addition to lectures from NATO Communication and Information Agency, Europol, and The Hague Security Delta, students will also receive guest lectures from national and international organisations, such as Eurojust, the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, the National Cyber Security Centre and European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The International Cyber Security Summer School is an output of the Service Strategy’s Innovation Programme of NATO. This year the students will exchange knowledge on matters relating to CryptoCurrencies, Dark web, IPv6 Security, Web security essentials and Hacking with Software Defined Radio. As the organisers note: "protecting our communication networks and the information on them is more important than ever. Cyber security requires an international approach. This summer school is one route for us to inspire and educate the next generation of cyber security professionals across the international community". The Hague Security Delta underlines the importance of  connecting our future cyber security professionals with experts and creating more access to talent, as well as access to knowledge by building communities like these.


The student's programme started August 21st and ends on August 26th. For more info browse here.

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