Cyber Security Roadmap Taiwan instrument to explore new opportunities

28 mrt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

To strengthen and guide cybersecurity collaboration between the Netherlands and Taiwan and to unfold new opportunities, the Netherlands Office in Taipei, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), InnovationQuarter (IQ), and Security Delta (HSD) have created the Netherlands-Taiwan Cyber Roadmap, a multiyear program structuring our activities towards the Taiwanese cybersecurity market.


The roadmap will be introduced during the upcoming Taiwan Cyber update session on Thursday 31 March 2022 and is intended for the Dutch cyber security private sector as well as relevant (research) institutes. This roadmap is built around the shared ambition of establishing growth in the Dutch and Taiwanese cyber security sectors through interaction with relevant companies, research organisations, and institutions. By structuring activities in the presented strategy with a common goal, the roadmap facilitates less fragmentation and increases focus. The roadmap allows Dutch parties to gain a better understanding of the Taiwanese cyber security landscape and the opportunities that it holds.


The aim of this roadmap is to provide an integral approach to knowledge exchange, innovation collaboration, and business facilitation between the Netherlands and Taiwan in the field of cyber security. By identifying the areas of synergy between the Netherlands and Taiwan, this roadmap structures the objectives for collaboration and formulates related activities. 


The potential opportunities for cooperation between the Netherlands and Taiwan generally follow complementary characteristics of the cyber security landscapes. In particular, the combination of Taiwanese network/ICT hardware and Dutch software applications creates an interesting cooperation model. The opportunities identified include academic research collaboration, the integration of ICT-hardware and cybersecurity software, joint business incubation, and joint business development. Based on the analysis of the Dutch and Taiwanese cybersecurity sectors, these opportunities lay, amongst others, in the fields of ICT, operational security (e.g., IoT, critical infrastructure), and expertise from Dutch niche players on topics such as threat intelligence, penetration testing, and data security (privacy). Utilising the complementary characteristics of the Dutch and Taiwanese cyber sectors, joint solutions and services can be developed. Furthermore, for Dutch cyber security companies, the collaboration with Taiwan can be used to access surrounding markets in (South)East Asia and the Pacific region, and vice-versa.


For this Netherlands Cyber Security Roadmap towards Taiwan three main focus areas have been chosen: 

  • Knowledge: Facilitate knowledge and information exchange between the Netherlands and Taiwan in the fields of research, business, and policy. 
  • Innovation: Stimulate academic and R&D collaboration between universities, research institutes, and cyber companies from the Netherlands and Taiwan. 
  • Business: Support bilateral/international business development for Dutch and Taiwanese cyber companies. 


Taiwan Cyber update session, 31 March 2022

Interested in the cybersecurity market in Taiwan? And want to know the (soft-landing) opportunities, developments, and activities? Join the Taiwan Cyber update session on Thursday 31 of March from 9:00 to 11:00 at the HSD Campus! HSD, the Netherlands office in Taipei, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), InnovationQuarter, and HSD will introduce and discuss the Netherlands-Taiwan Cyber Roadmap. During this session, we will have an open discussion on the activities and needs from you as a company to shape our plans towards Taiwan for the future. Ready to take the next step? Register now!


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