Creating Impact is All About Local Buzz and International Pipelines

11 dec 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Cyber security does not stop at the border and therefore collaboration and sharing knowledge on a global scale is crucial. In addition, to increase economic growth in the Netherlands, it is also important to get Dutch security innovations rolled out over the world. For that reasons, HSD Office focuses on setting up and strengthening strategic partnerships with international ecosystems and platforms (such as Global EPIC, a growing network of 25 global cyber security ecosystems) and is why HSD Office is the coordinator of 'Partners for International Business' Japan and India (a programme provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) and commissioned by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Creating impact by local buzz through global pipelines. 


A new future collaboration, which could be of interest for HSD partners, is the establishment of a Cyber Security Innovation & Investment hub in New York City. The city of New York chose Jeruzalem Venture Partners (JVP) to build a new cyber security hub with 50,000-square-foot-space in Soho, which must be realised in 2019 (read the article in the New York Times). In november 2018, Erel Margalit (JVP) visited HSD as we discussed the collaboration between the (cyber) security clusters in New York City, Israël and The Netherlands (HSD). And in addition the possibilty to set up and promote a global startup and scaleup competition with a price of 1 million for the winner.

And did you also know that:

  • Global EPIC released a Soft Landing Programme in October, which allows organisations to explore the Canadian, US, Taiwanese, Polish and UK markets during a trail period helping them entering a new international market.
  • HSD Office together with several HSD partners signed the Paris Call for Security and Trust in Cyberspace aiming to put a stop to the growing number of cybercriminal activity and protect critical infrastructure. The call together with the drafted common principles, it should strengthen the international standards for cyberspace. 
  • HSD Office has supported multiple HSD partners in their applications for Horizon 2020 applications as a strategic partner in the consortia. 
  • On 30 November 2018, the state of Karnataka (Bangalore, India) and the Dutch Government announced a joint statement to leverage the latter's expertise in healthcare, infotech and security. Dutch companies will help the Karnataka government's centre of excellence for cyber security to jointly augment the capabilities of the organisation (read the article). As a result of the mission to India in May 2018, where also a collaboration with the Hydrabad security cluster was established.

If you are interested in learning more about the international opportunities or Soft Landing Programme, please contact Bert Feskens, Innovation Liaison, via:


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