“Human Factors in Intelligence, Know Where to Go!”

01 nov 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

How can decision-making be improved with Intelligence? And how do analysts deal with large quantities of data? These and other Human Factor related questions were discussed during the symposium “Human Factors in Intelligence” on Monday 30 October at HSD Campus.


Richard Franken (Managing director of HSD), Krishna Taneja (Head of National Security at TNO) and Henk de Jong (Strategy Director at the Dutch Police) opened the symposium, which was organised by the RTI-lab partners. Over 85 scientist, police officers, innovators from business and policy makers shared their knowledge and expressed their challenges with human factors in intelligence. Goal of the symposium was not only to share knowledge and experiences, but also to identify research questions and stimulate experimentation in the intelligence field. At the opening Krishna Taneja mentioned that when making decisions concerning Human Factors it is important to know where to go. Henk de Jong shared challenges for the police organisation: processes need to change to collaborate better with partners, technology changes rapidly and therefore the needed competences for police personnel change.


Based on the themes ‘Human factor & collaboration’, ‘Process & organisation’ and use of ‘Supportive tools’, research findings and operational experiences were shared and discussed. Topics included Subversive Crime, Community Policing, Decision Support Systems and Training, Organised Crime like Human Trafficking/Fraud/Drugs production, Big Data & Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality and Large Scale Operations (sGBO). The RTI-lab is a place where innovations can be researched in practice. It is a collaboration between  TNO, Police and HSD.

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