Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: MODELEC

05 juni 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

MODELEC recently became a premium partner of Security Delta (HSD). This company started out over 45 years ago and has changed a lot over the years. Where at first it focused on delivering physical electrical components, they have adopted many other products and services on a system level. Since the last three decades they are specialised in Operational Technology, and work with a variety of clients to keep their installations secure. To learn more about this new partner we sat down with Stefan Barten, Consultive OT Security Engineer at MODELEC.


Could you tell us a bit more about what MODELEC does?


“What we do has changed a lot over the years”, Stefan explains. From focusing on physical electrical components in the beginning, we are now strongly developed in the field of Operational Technology (OT). This is something that came gradually over time as we came into contact with industrial organisations through our work on computer systems.”


Stefan continues, “We are very strong in OT network technology and can offer services to our clients in all facets, from making the right choices to technical support. Clients don’t ask for a product, they are asking for a solution to their problem. So we guide them through implementation, from design to purchase, to delivery, to application up to annual network scans, and more. And most important, cybersecurity is always part of our solutions”


MODELEC aims their services at five verticals, Stefan explains. “Water, Intelligent Transportation Systems, energy, maritime and physical security are the verticals in which we are active. Some of these, such as energy, are very broad. It goes from distribution to warmth and energy generation, including gas, windmills, solar panels, and more. There are a lot of layers where we can make a difference.”


How did you end up becoming a Premium Partner of HSD?


“Your visibility definitely helped in that regard”, Stefan laughs. “Through other parties such as FERM and the cyber resilience centres, the name keeps showing up. Another example of course is the ONE Conference! The reason we wanted to join the security cluster is because we have a lot to offer in terms of OT. It’s a newer field, and still requires a lot of attention if we are going to make The Netherlands more secure.”


Another reason to become an HSD partner was for visibility and to enable knowledge sharing, he continues. “OT is a very different field than IT, and it requires a different approach and solutions. We want to show industrial automation that their concerns are being seen, and that solutions are available. We want to play a part in sharing that knowledge with them.”


MODELEC recently contributed to the HSD Café on this subject. Stefan’s message, “OT-native security solutions provide an answer to one of the biggest challenges, business continuity. Increase your cyber resilience, without the limitations of IT security solutions. 


What is MODELEC’s ambition for the coming years?


“Without quantifying it: we want to help companies become more resilient. Doing this requires multiple solutions, such as awareness as well. The coming NIS2 is definitely giving this a boost. Exploring is good, but let’s start actually securing.”


“If there’s one thing, I want people to take away from this interview”, Stefan concludes, “it’s that it’s necessary to start taking action. Even just starting with the basic measures can be a good start in raising cyber resilience for your organisation. Some are afraid to take that first step because any measures may be obsolete soon, but there are many parties that can offer help. From governmental institutions to companies, there is a lot out there in terms of aid and information. Companies like MODELEC can help you take that first step like assessing your security level. This assessment will give you insides of your current situation to act. When you take that first step, you will have knowledge to share, allowing others to take steps with you, and all involved can learn from one another. Let’s start securing OT today.”



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