Trade Missions for Safety and Security Businesses

10 sept 2013
Auteur: HSD Foundation

In October and November three trade missions will take place to countries that will be hosting the World Cup football tournaments in the next decade. In order to be able to host these tournaments these countries need to make vast investments in new infrastructure such as hotels, railways, airports and football stadiums. Next to this, there is also high demand for (innovative) safety & security solutions, such as:

  • crowd control
  • event & crowd management
  • infrastructure
  • security of buildings, e.g. stadiums, metro and other logistic hubs
  • border security

The trade missions
The following trade missions – organized by the Dutch Sports Infrastructure – will take place:

The HSD Office is involved in these trade missions by advising the initiators about the program content, selecting parties for matchmaking programs and promotion activities. In addition, SME Connect advises businesses on how and when to apply for a specific trade mission.

New: SME Fund for support and financing trade missions
The new 'Oranje handelsmissie fonds' is launched to stimulate SMEs doing business abroad by building a strong international network for them. Annually, the fund will select ten companies that will receive assistance. These businesses will get the opportunity to join trade missions and/or will get their own stands on an international exhibitions. The 'Oranje handelsmissie fonds' is an initiative of ING, KLM, MKB Nederland and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Click here for more information. Registrations have been open since the 27th of August.