TNO and CBS are Joining Forces on Transparent and Verifiable AI Use

07 okt 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Trusted data, trusted AI, trusted answers

The public sector is increasingly experimenting and working on a modest scale with artificial intelligence (AI), for example on the field of mobility and health. In order to do this in an honest and responsible way, it is necessary that the AI technology used is transparent and verifiable. TNO and CBS have joined forces as TNO-CBS Partnership for Trusted AI to stimulate honest, verifiable and transparent use of AI in the public sector, with a focus on ethical, legal and organisational conditions.


Artificial Intelligence has, without us maybe noticing it, had a major impact on our daily lives. AI is in our smartphone, helps us shop and contributes to scientific research that is being done. AI can have great benefits. Recognition of speech, images and patterns, translation machines, robots and question and answer systems can improve the convenience and our user experience. In general, AI offers a lot of possibilities to find solutions for societal issues.


Societal issues

TNO and CBS already work together a lot on the field of societal issues in healthcare, labour, security and criminality, energy, climate and mobility. Both independent organisations also develop AI knowledge and applications. With the unique data available to CBS, it produces factual knowledge about the state of the Netherlands. This knowledge is used for policy, research and debate. In its processing, CBS is increasingly using smart algorithms and advanced methods for access to the source data. TNO has, in addition to a lot of substantive knowledge, state-of-the art expertise to securely share data and to make algorithms to support decision making. For these reasons, it is obvious that TNO and CBS are now joining forces in the use of AI in the public sector.


Connecting government and market parties

TNO and CBS can connect government organisations and market parties from a trusted and independent position. In order to come to verifiable and transparent techniques for AI, a number of targeted social programmes will be set up. Each of these programmes is linked to social themes from the Cabinet’s innovation policy: energy transition, sustainability, security, health and care, agriculture, water and food. TNO and CBS invite governments, companies and knowledge institutions to participate in these programmes. The aim is for both government organisations and market parties to have access to AI knowledge and applications on the basis of reliable data and techniques, in order for the public interest to be safeguarded.


Call for participation

Would you like to collaborate with TNO-CBS Partnership for Trusted AI in order to achieve transparent and verifiable techniques for the use of AI? Then please contact or for further information. 

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